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The dream of my own business now become reality. In the Loire Valley, a place where others spend their holidays offers here now the possibility to take over a Bed & Breakfast (Chambre d'hote as it is called in France).


After a long search, I have found a suitable building, operated market analysis and have created a business plan. All documents were classified and analysed by two consultants (BGE ISMER / AGEFIPH) for feasible and validated as profitable. Also, a tax adviser (FITECO) was consulted. From all sides, I have received only positive reactions to my project.




Under the name of the company to be established, me and my partner wants to buy a house in Chouzy-sur-Cisse. This house is already a established bed and breakfast facility and is fully equipped with the maximum permissible number of rooms (5 rooms, maximum 15 people). These rooms are separated in two buildings (250m² + 90m²). It is included in the purchase price also a swimming pool (5x10m) and a garden area of 3200 m².


Since the establishment as well as the clientele is already present, our company can work economically right after the purchase.

In terms of investments, we are invest in a bike rental of e-bikes (6000 EUR), a BBQ-Kota (5500 EUR), a boutique with regional products (3000 EUR) and connected Internet shop as well as new furniture and a more modern facility (8000 EUR).


In the second building we plan to create a small banquet hall for weddings and celebrations.


We also plan until 2020 to rise in the basement a public spa. The Costs are all financed by the planned surpluses. In the annex is also a family suite based, which is converted into an accessible holiday apartment for disabled persons. So our house is one of the first in the region to meet these requirements.

With this house, we have found the ideal place to install our company and to generate revenue from day one. We now want to use this unique opportunity and then start with all investments installed before the high season is starting.

Within a radius of 40 km there are all the sights, especially the castles of the Loire and the Beauval Zoo within reach. With our bike rental, we also serve the market of two adjacent cycling routes (Loire-a-bike / Cisse-a-bike).


If you want it I can send you the created and approved business plan, the certificates of the management consultants and the financing plan. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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from 1000 EUR on you will be one of our investment partner.


You will receive our personal thank you first and then we will pay back the invested sum after 24 month

with 3% APR.